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From: Craig Barre 

To: Susan D'Elia

Subject: You have 2 great boys!!!



I wanted to tell you that Anthony & Nick are 2 great young men!!! They work extremely Hard!! They are professional, polite, again hard working. They were extremely helpful!!

They hustle!!! It was a pleasure to see them both.

You and Mike should be proud. Their work ethic is great!!! Nice boys!!!! I enjoyed their company.

Hope all is well!!! Miss seeing you both!!

Best!! Craig Barre

From: Monique@corpdesllc.com 

> To: Anthony D'Elia

> Subject: Dumpster


> Good morning Anthony!  Hope you had a nice long weekend!


> Thank you so much for the dumpster.  We had a good run, and threw away a lot.  Please feel free to pick up and send me the bill!


> Have a great day!!!!


> Monique

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From: Lisa Benison


To: Anthony DElia

Subject: Junk Removal


WOW!! I think you originally said 4 days and you finished in 2!   Feel free to send the invoice via e-mail for faster payment Thanks for getting it done so quickly and feel free to use us as a reference!   We will recommend you as well to anyone looking...

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From: Tom McLoughlin

To: Anthony D'Elia

Subject: Job well done!!



 Job well done!  I have just made out a PO and submitted your bill to the Stamford office for the next check run. I was very pleased with you and your guys. I will definitely use you for future work. Have a great weekend.


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From: Jim Demetros

To: Anthony D'Elia

Subject: Junk Job

Do me a favor...I don't do facebook & never will so if you want to write a glowing endorsement in the manner you would like it positioned on behalf of Junk Solutions, I would gladly put my name to it in lights!   
Things I witnessed while on the phone in office while they worked their asses off: 
-  responsive to my needs when I inquired about the service 
-  arrived ontime when they schedule the work to be done 
-  extremely professional during the process 
-  respectful to the landscape during the sizable log removal 
-  ensured the property was left clean once job was completed 
-  extremely pleased with the Junk Solutions service & look forward to using them again in the future.


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From: Steve Malloy

To: Anthony D'Elia

Subject: Great Job!!



We are pleased with our progress in the garage and your good work.  We are sending a check by mail payable to Junk Solutions.


I’ll let you know if we need additional help.