Enviromental Factors

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Junk Solutions is a locally owned and operated full service junk removal company. We'll get rid of almost anything for you...old furniture. broken appliances, yard debris and more! We solve your junk problems so you don't have to. Whether you're doing spring cleaning, want extra space, moving to a new location or just tired of looking at your junk, we can clean it up and take it away. And if you have stuff that you do want and need some help with organizing it, we do that too! In many instances, we are able to recycle your contents, so that you are not contributing to the increased pollution and waste. A variety of glass, plastic, textiles, paper, metal, electronics can be stripped apart to reveal components for reuse. We donate to garage sales, Good Will Industries and to families in need around the area

Community Garbage Removal Outreach
Enviromental Scenery